Inorganic sample preparation by fusion for XRF, AA and ICP analysis.



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Katanax - Support for your Katanax sample prep equipment


Katanax makes support an important part of its business. Therefore, our fluxers have been designed to be user-serviceable and critical parts are available to ship with little delay, in order to minimize down time.

Should you have any question regarding your instrument, please send us an e-mail with as many details as possible, or call us during business hours (we are located in the American East Coast time zone).

Application notes

You can download an application note for fly ash, developed by Spex SamplePrep.

Fusion method development (FREE)

Whether your laboratory already uses fusion routinely and is looking into Katanax electric fluxers, or you would like to know if your particular sample can be prepared by fusion, Katanax will be glad to do the test -- for free ! Simply fill this form (PDF) and send us your samples, and we will return them prepared as beads, along with the complete details on how we did it.

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