Inorganic sample preparation by fusion for XRF, AA and ICP analysis.



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Katanax, where cutting-edge fusion instruments meet unparalleled customer support. We're more than just a manufacturer; we're your partner in success. Our commitment goes beyond delivering top-notch equipment. We prioritize your satisfaction by offering the best support and service on the market. With Katanax, you get innovation, reliability, and a dedicated team by your side every step of the way. Don't just take our word for it, see what our satisfied customers have to say below. Join us in redefining excellence in fusion instrument technology. Experience the difference with Katanax today.

"I was going to hassle you for a part number for the mold holders for our new Katanax X-600 but after I RTFM'd I see that once again the design engineers at Katanax have pleasantly surprised me with simple and surprisingly effective design for a mold holder. I'm not sure if you have a mechanism for getting positive feedback to Katanax but if you do please let them know: I'm once again very happy as this is a perfect example of advanced materials engineering combined with robust, elegant design engineering. I honestly wish that all instrument manufacturers were this considerate of their clients needs."
Mr Ashley Locke, X-ray Laboratory Co-ordinator, Queensland University of Technology

"...During their demo, the Katanax immediately spoke to us. It is a simple process with few movements; simply 'door open, crucibles in it, door close'. This simplicity was exactly what we were looking for."

"Yet it has been one of the better choices we've ever made."

"The reliability, robustness and reproducibility of our data have greatly improved by this way of access. In addition, the number of re-analyses has been reduced. With this device we turn off the analyst's influence as much as possible."

Mr Jürgen Van Kammen, Technical director, RCI Analytical Services. Translated via: LabInsights article by Vanessa Appelman M.Sc.

"Customer service and support is amazing - always quick responses, helpful information, pictures, descriptions and follow-up so we can perform maintenance ourselves."
Ms Michaela Eisenbeisz, Senior Chemist, BEPC/Dakota Gas

"Well, shit happens but the decisive factor is how you deal with them and that is really extraordinary at Katanax. We really appreciate the uncomplicated handling, this cannot be taken for granted."
Dr. Mr Peter Plenk, Product Specialist, C3 Prozess und Analysentechnik GmbH

"I will let the customer know and advise you asap, many thanks as always for your awesome customer service :)."
Ms Julia Dixon, Sales, AXT

"Katanax went above and beyond to help us and I, for one, appreciate that so much. You all are angels. Thank you."
Ms Kelley Jacobs, Lead Product Research Technician, Goodyear

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