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Katanax - Introduction to the X-300 automatic fusion machine

The X-300 fusion fluxer: Introduction

(Patents pending)

The Katanax® X-300 fluxer is a key part of our new offering in next-generation electric fusion, providing exceptional flexibility for outstanding ease of use and unparalled results.

This multi-sample fluxer is available in 1, 2 or 3 positions, and can later be expanded, thus adapting to the needs of today's modern laboratories. Here is what customer Owens Corning had to say about its pre-release trial:

"The X-300's robust design will be better suited for use in a plant environment. Since the X-300 is able to operate even if an element fails, this will limit down-time which is critical for meeting the needs of manufacturing. Since the crucible and mold holders are made of a high temperature alloy, any spills can be dissolved from components and should not need to be replaced. The software now includes up to 6 fusion steps and operates in a similar manner to the K1 and K2 Prime, so transitioning would be seamless."
Lynn Schurter, Senior Scientist, Owens Corning

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