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Katanax - Features of the X-100 electric fusion machine

The X-100: Features (under development)

Special features

  • Productivity
  • Innovative heating elements
    • Impervious to flux and other chemical projections
    • Robust and non-brittle (instrument can be moved without element damage)
    • Cartridge type for easy replacement
    • Can be changed individually, with minimal interruption
  • Advanced furnace
    • PID temperature control to ensure stability, combined with a unique temperature calibration via molten flux
    • Fast heat-up (<15 minutes)
    • Strict use of ceramic eliminates metal contamination
  • Advanced movement control
    • Movement recovery in case of stall
    • All movement axis are driven directly
    • Uses encoders as movement feedback (no sensor)
  • Other
    • Industrial PLC interface (does not depend on Windows updates)
    • Requires no external supplies (no power supply box, no cooling fluids)
    • Works on 115 or 230V single-phase power (no need for 3-phase)
    • Ambient status light (red when processing, blue when completed)


  • Built with thoughtful engineering
  • Heating elements impervious to flux and chemical projections
  • Robust, all-ceramic platinumware holders
  • Industrial-grade motors and electronics
  • Shares several components with the expendable X-300 and the heavy-duty X-600


  • No gases used, so no post-combustion toxic products released
  • Minimal heat dissipation; only a standard vent hood is required
  • Integrated, auto-locking protection shield with safety glass viewport


  • Extra-precise temperature control achieved by PID temperature control, combined with a unique temperature calibration via molten flux
  • Entirely automated, cold-to-cold
  • Fully reproducible fusion methods
  • Outstanding reproducibility: the crucible and mold are at the same temperature
  • Real-time temperature display
  • Optimum pouring conditions, since the mold is in the furnace with the crucible


  • Makes glass disks for XRF
  • Can also make solutions (including peroxide or pyrosulfate fusions without modification)
    • Optional variable-speed embedded solutions stirrer available
    • Prepares one sample for XRF or one solution for ICP
    • Switching from disk to solution mode is quick and easy
  • Ready to fuse with built-in methods
  • Can perform solid or liquid oxidations
  • Fully customizable fusion methods


  • Advanced engineering
  • Easy installation
  • Intuitive graphical interface with multiple languages
  • Easy icon touch-screen navigation
  • Virtually maintenance-free; easy component access

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