Inorganic sample preparation by fusion for XRF, AA and ICP analysis.



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Katanax - Products for XRF, ICP and AA sample preparation

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Ready to prepare your sample into either a glass disk (for XRF) or an acid solution (for ICP, AA or wet chemistry), Katanax fluxers can adapt to the most specific sample type with an ease never featured on any fusion machine.

You can rely on Katanax to deliver perfect samples, not matter what kind of business you are in:

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  • One sample at a time
  • 5-7 samples/h
  • 1200 W
  • Up to 3 samples at a time
  • Up to 15 samples/h
  • 3000 W
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Six samples at a time
  • 24-30 samples/h
  • 4000 W
  • Enhanced robustness

Our instruments are designed with the fusion and the user in mind, so not only do they produce extremely accurate samples, they also do it quickly, safely and simply.

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