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Katanax - Technical specifications of the X-600 laboratory equipment

The X-600 fluxer:
Technical specifications

Voltage:195-250 VAC
(50-60 Hz)
Power (max):4000 W
Temperature: 50-1200°C
Height: 56 cm [22"]
Width: 105 cm [41"]
Depth: 69 cm [27"]
Mass: 90 kg [198 lbs]


Installation is fairly simple, just like another lab furnace:
  1. Run a wire from the breaker box to the installation site. (You might well have some already installed.)
  2. Connect the end of that wire to the included special outlet.
  3. Connect instrument to this wall outlet and turn on.
  4. Enjoy !

What is in the X-600 box

  • 1 fluxer (X-600 main unit)
  • 1 tool kit (hex keys, spare fuses...)
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 USB memory stick (for firmware upgrades and program backups)

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